Your Letters: Changing Women’s Lives

One recent comment here on the Fatale Media Blog we wanted to share with you:

I am so grateful to Fatale Media. Just received my DVDs yesterday and “Female Ejaculation: The Workshop” has already changed three women’s lives!

We were so ready for this information, and now we are going to share it with everyone we know!! I watched the first 47 minutes and then went to the shower, used my dildo for 30 seconds and ejaculated!

I have had an ejaculation before, but now I understand how to do it! Hooray! thanks thanks thanks!!!

You are very welcome!

Female Ejaculation the WorkshopChanging women’s lives—for the better—makes us very, very happy.

Deborah Sundahl’s work on female ejaculation and the G-spot has been groundbreaking and like no other.

In addition to Female Ejaculation: The Workshop, check out another of Deborah’s videos about how to female ejaculate: Female Ejaculation for Couples.


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