Where to Begin: 5 Suggestions for the First Time

We got an interesting e-mail the other day, from someone asking for a suggestion on ordering his first porn video. He wanted to know what we thought were one of our “better videos.” His friends are lesbian, and he wanted to surprise them.

Here’s what we suggested for a “first lesbian porn video”:

1. Coming Home. This romantic bestseller by Carolyn Caizzi features a big curvy butch/femme couple you won’t soon forget.

2. The Crash Pad. There’s an element of mystery in this bestseller, with the shiver of voyeurism. Felice Newman wrote that The Crash Pad “features the hottest lesbian sex scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.”

Then we’d recommend any of these:

3. One Night Stand. The club scene, with great music. Those French dykes know what they’re doing! AVN wrote, “[Emilie] Jouvet, like Goddard before her, dares to capture lightning in a bottle.”

Sugar High Glitter City

4. Sugar High Glitter City. Glam fun, playful and fanciful.

5. Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels is another good “first” choice if you like it rough. Indeed it’s a Fatale Media bestseller and has a variety of sexy scenes.

What would you recommend for a “first-time” video? Click Post a Comment below and let us know what you think.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi



P.S. See more about and read reviews of our favorite dyke videos.


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3 Responses to “Where to Begin: 5 Suggestions for the First Time”

  1. Mihail says:

    First off, it is not lesbian porn. Just bescaue a female has sex with another female means she is a lesbian. You have a boyfriend and have a child with him. Are you romantically and sexually attracted to him or any man? That would give you some indication if you are really a lesbian. If you are attracted to males and females then you could be bisexual. Women are everywhere. If you are into males did you have to talk, flirt and hang out with one to know that? Perhaps you should settle things with your boyfriend before trying to get involved with someone else. Or do you intend to stay with him and maybe have a woman on the side? Or do you just want the experience of talking, flirting, hanging out with a woman? Those questions are not for you to answer publicly but to give you something to think about before you meet a woman.

  2. Bryan says:

    We guys like looking at porn. Then we either masturbate or make love with our SO. I like straight porn, lesbian porn, porn focusing on feminine looking men and women, masculine looking men and women, CDs, trannies, pegging, etc. Before this marriage I had intense, long term, rewarding, intimate relationships with wonderful human beings of both genders. I thought – that settles it, I’m straight. Then, that settles it, I’m gay, or bi, or finally just FUBAR. I now know I’m just normal – like the people who buy these DVDs. If focusing your imagination on adult humans engaging in consensual sexual activity makes you want to watch them or join them, you’re normal. Normal embraces LGBT and all the other letters. It doesn’t embrace hate or shame or self loathing.

    I have the BOB vids and my wife and I occasionally watch them then act them out. My wife likes a good spanking on a regular basis. We don’t discuss this with our grown children or our coworkers. This is a part of our lives we only share with each other. There are other parts of our lives we share with other people. But -ALL- of those parts define us and make us who we are. Not just our pegging and spanking, no more than our eating or sleeping habits.

    So – if you’re curious about watching this stuff, or desperately want to actually do it, and your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t receptive to even discuss it, much less consider it, you’re with the wrong person. It’s no different than if they were for some reason against the way you like to tie your shoes, or even want to tell you what you can and can’t do with YOUR uterus, YOUR penis, or YOUR anus, or your imagination.

    – Bryan

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