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“As someone who knew nothing…”

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer










This note arrived in our inbox last week, reading: “As someone who knew nothing about lesbian pornography or that companies like yours existed I think it is very cool you do what you do.”

Summers always bring us the sense of possibility. The days are long and lazy. It’s a delicious feeling. Like when we were kids and had long, long days stretched out ahead of us, no school, nothing to do.

Were we innocent? Not entirely!

Some days we’d hang with packs of other kids and go roaming the streets, just looking for trouble.

Other days called for hibernating with a book.

Now and then there were swimming pools or a day trip to the beach to go swimming.

Our admirer went on: “I am a heterosexual male and knowing that there is an outlet and group of artists and business people making sure there are erotic and sexual media for everyone makes me glad to be American.”

Mostly, on those long summer days, there was nothing to do, and that’s what spurred the sense of possibility. We could do anything, or nothing.

We could be anything.

On Our Backs









Later, it was knowing what might be possible that led first to On Our Backs and then to Fatale Video, now us, Fatale Media.

Our admirer concluded, “I think you and your organization are trailblazers that make being human in all aspects better. Sincerely impressed.”

The note was signed simply, “JM.”

To that we say, thank you, JM. Thank you for reminding us of why we’re here, and the possibilities still in sight.

Till next time, we wish you happiness and fabulous sex!

Nan & Christi

P.S.  See all Fatale’s lesbian titles, what calls “the best lesbian porn.”

P.P.S. See pictures of Nan at the Feminist Porn Awards getting the “Trailblazer Award.”

Letters to Fatale Media

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

letter to fatale







This just in from another satisfied customer:

“Thank you for being so easy to order from and for a fine video. The description was dead on target … a very satisfied first-time customer from Pennsylvania.”

Read what our customers say!


On Gay Marriage: Letter to Fatale Media

Monday, April 15th, 2013

In the midst of all the excitement over the last two weeks, we’ve been following the gay marriage cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our friend Chuck, who lives in Louisiana, sends us good articles and lots of good karma. This week, he sent this, with a note:

“I found a news story to show that there are many changes that need to take place when it comes to being there for the one you love.”

Here is the Huffington Post story, “Gay Man Arrested.”

“When I read this story, I thought about you ladies….This is the reason why the same-sex marriage issue has been taken to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is the reason why same sex couples around the country are fighting for benefits like heterosexual couples.”

Thank you, Chuck, for your kind words and staying on top of this important issue.

Free Shipping Extended

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Did you know? Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you shop with Fatale Media.

Here’s a recent note from a customer:

I had never watched porn before I bought Sugar High Glitter City from you. I thought it was fascinating…and hot! Thank you for having a good selection of interesting porn for me to explore and a very simple and not-creepy website!

Extended through January 15, 2013, you get free fast shipping from Fatale (half-price outside the U.S.).

If you have any questions or comments, you can always e-mail us:  customer_service at

Or call toll-free in the U.S.: 1-888-5-FATALE (888-532-8253)

Check out all Fatale’s sexy movies.


Where to Begin: 5 Suggestions for the First Time

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

We got an interesting e-mail the other day, from someone asking for a suggestion on ordering his first porn video. He wanted to know what we thought were one of our “better videos.” His friends are lesbian, and he wanted to surprise them.

Here’s what we suggested for a “first lesbian porn video”:

1. Coming Home. This romantic bestseller by Carolyn Caizzi features a big curvy butch/femme couple you won’t soon forget.

2. The Crash Pad. There’s an element of mystery in this bestseller, with the shiver of voyeurism. Felice Newman wrote that The Crash Pad “features the hottest lesbian sex scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.”

Then we’d recommend any of these:

3. One Night Stand. The club scene, with great music. Those French dykes know what they’re doing! AVN wrote, “[Emilie] Jouvet, like Goddard before her, dares to capture lightning in a bottle.”

Sugar High Glitter City

4. Sugar High Glitter City. Glam fun, playful and fanciful.

5. Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels is another good “first” choice if you like it rough. Indeed it’s a Fatale Media bestseller and has a variety of sexy scenes.

What would you recommend for a “first-time” video? Click Post a Comment below and let us know what you think.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. See more about and read reviews of our favorite dyke videos.


New Poll: Strictly Sexual?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Last month, we wondered if you would masturbate or have sex on a stage, like the people do in Courtney Trouble’s new DVD, Live Sex Show. We asked: Would you ever masturbate or have sex on a stage for an audience?

Lonely Dude, also known as “Straight, single and celibate in the SoCal desert” wrote:

“I most definitely would perform onstage alone,  or with someone else.  But only if there were no video cameras, no still cameras, no cell phones, etc. But in front of a live audience of onlookers, 2 people or 20 or 200,  oh yes, that would be great fun for them and me.  My ideas are far too wild, far too kinky for the dating world,  but I’d put on a great show for spectators if I ever had  the chance.”

Thanks, Lonely Dude. Maybe you want to head to San Francisco for the next Masturbate-a-Thon.

See all the November 2011 poll results.

This month, after having read an interesting article in the New York Times Magazine called “Teaching Good Sex” by Laurie Abraham. Discussing the idea of “introducing pleasure to the peril of sex education,” one seemingly enlightened sex-ed teacher in Philadelphia is quoted as saying: “[T]here is no romanticism or intimacy in porn, porn is strictly sexual.”

We ask: In your opinion, is porn, in the words of one high-school sex-ed teacher, “strictly sexual”?

Vote now! The poll is on Fatale’s home page. We’ll give you the results next month.

Until next time, we wish you happy holidays and deliciously hot sex,

Nan and Christi

Coming HomeP.S. Check out one of our favorite, most romantic and intimate porn DVDs, Coming Home by Carolyn Caizzi.


Your Letters – Good Things

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

We love your letters and notes, your tweets and retweets, your FB mentions. Thank you.

Here’s a note we received last week:

“Thanks for offering these DVDs for sale. We have difficulty obtaining DVDs with lesbian content in Australia.  Very few titles available. So strange given that Sydney has probably the largest Mardi Gras parade in the world!”

–Priscilla in Australia

Thanks, Priscilla, for your kind words. Much appreciated.


Bushy Letters

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Not long after we wrote about “bushy” last month, we got several e-mails from readers. We thought we’d share them here. (Letters are edited for style and spelling only.)

“I’m a 45 y.o. male from Tulsa OK. I hate bush!!! It just gets in the way of everything !!! If I go out with a lady that has a bush then I’ll do her but won’t go down on her. I love the look, feel, taste & everything about the shaved pussy, it just doesn’t get any better than bald!!!”

“Love the comments today. I love women with hairy bush. Do you have any videos for sale with women with hair?”

“I’ve been on your e-mail list and have purchased films this past Christmas. Do you have more films with bushy women than the one in this month’s e-mail blast? Yes, I’m a sort of kinky straight male, if I have to label myself. Actually a lot more, lol, but more on that later ….thank you.”

Okay, so here goes on the “hairy bush suggestions.” If we’re leaving any off, let us know and we’ll post more next time:
Bushy pubic hair on display in Afterschool SpecialAfterschool Special (a double DVD with Turn Me Up Over and On) – some nice bush in evidence, especially on Ms. Hussy, the star dyke!

In case you’re wondering, that’s Ms. Hussy with the size EEE boobies lying down.

Full Load: Scenes from The last scene is a particularly nice one.


These two gems by Carolyn Caizzi both have some “bushy ladies,” as Carolyn says, as well as some smooth:
Special Delivery

Coming Home

Advice on a Sexual Issue: Drinking Pee

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

A reader wrote: “I need your advice on a sexual issue. While we are having sex (me and the girls), they enjoy and get excited about peeing on me, which in return I do love. I want to know if it’s okay to drink the pee because on daily basis I drink [several] bottles.”

We discussed this sexual practice, also called “golden showers” if she just peed on you, and decided that it’s probably okay if you drink your girlfriends’ pee. If it doesn’t taste right, then don’t, but assuming they’re healthy and not eating anything that would affect the taste, then you’re probably good to go.

But we also wondered, was it really pee. Perhaps the girls are female ejaculating? Could it be female ejaculate you’re really drinking? Or partially?

When we e-mailed this reader to ask him, he replied, “It’s pee and not ejaculation, because one girl spreads her legs in a way her cunt is a few inches away from my month facing me, and she starts peeing inside my month (the taste is pee) while another is giving me oral sex, then once she finishes peeing and I drink all her pee, the others do the same, and you can now have a clear picture how much pee I drink. To tell you the truth it tastes good.

“The amazing thing is that every time they pee in my month and I swallow all, I feel relaxed, and all the tension that I used to have is gone. Any explanation for that? I drink lots of my girls’ pee, because they get excited and it makes them happy. They do also ejaculate a lot while we are having sex.”

To bolster our understanding of the history and lore around drinking one’s own urine, we turned to the Wikipedia article on urine. Indeed, as we’d always heard, people have been drinking their urine and justifying it for thousands of years.

It follows suit that drinking your girlfriends’ pee would have similar beneficial properties.

If you’re not sure what’s what down there and want to further explore female ejaculation and the G-spot, check out Deborah Sundahl’s accessible and informative Female Ejaculation for Couples. Three couples, under the tutelage of female-ejaculation expert Deborah Sundahl, learn to female ejaculate.

Your Sexy E-mails

Friday, March 18th, 2011

In the last month or so we’ve gotten a couple interesting e-mails…not about exhibitionism or voyeurism, per this month’s poll, but about what’s out there now, and what’s new at Fatale.

Here’s one note, from an old friend we’ll call S.:
“It’s been a while. Was just wondering how things were going at Fatale. The last time we conversed was about fisting and the political implications. I’m not sure if the present administration had anything to do with it or not, but the truth is you can find it almost anywhere on the Internet now. I was wondering if you guys had anything new featuring this or any plans for the future.”

It is our understanding that this act–lesbians fisting–is still verboten when it comes to lesbian and specifically lesbian-made explicit films. And from what porn we’ve seen online, the dykes aren’t real. If you know otherwise, let us know.

Sexy JanelleHere’s a second e-mail that warmed our hearts because we think women in men’s clothes is still a sexy sight. It’s from a fan who wishes to remain anonymous:
“Sometime back I sent you a list of female celebrities who wore men’s clothes (e.g. Madonna, Salma Hayek).”

He goes on to mention several celebrities, including Britney Spears (“Me Against the Music”); Heather Morris, who wore a similar outfit in the Glee episode “Brittany Britney”; Christina Aguilera (“Ain’t No Other Man”); Rihanna; Lady Gaga; singer Janelle Monae (she even wears masculine shoes); and one can find many other photos of women in men’s clothes on Flickr and Youtube.

He adds: “I should point out that sexual orientation doesn’t necessarily play a role when a woman chooses to dress like a man.”

Here’s a follow-up note headed “Women and Neckties” from this same anonymous correspondent:
“You’ve probably seen Anne Hathaway’s skit at the Oscars in which she wore a tuxedo.  I recently found out that Carrie Underwood wore a tux during a performance last year, and that Taylor Swift wore a tux for the cover of a magazine.

Also, actress Robia LaMorte wore a tuxedo in the TV series Silk Stalkings, in the episode called ‘Do You Believe In Magic?’”

Spoiler Alert:
We found the Silk Stalkings episode on YouTube, uploaded this past Valentine’s Day, with this creepy copy: “A ventriloquist’s dummy with its own dark history is the only lead to a tuxedoed serial killer.”

All that said, if you like cross-dressing in porn, check out Sugar High Glitter City or Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels.

Nobody does it quite like Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano, the masterminds behind S.I.R. Videos (Fatale Media is their distributor). The “sugar pimps and dandy hos” in Sugar High are drool-worthy.

Celebrities in the lesbian world of porn for sure!

Send us your notes, and write on our Fatale Media Facebook wall. We love to hear your thoughts.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi