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Slutgirl Loves One Night Stand

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Wowie! Four Big O’s out of a possible five. Miss Zooey loves One Night Stand!

One Night StandHere’s an excerpt from Miss Zooey’s One Night Stand review:
“We have femme on femme, butch on butch, tranny boi on light butch; this film has a bit of it all. Strap-ons, latex, nipple clamps, vibes, fists, ass play OH MY! Miss Zooey’s eclectic tastes were most definitely satisfied with this one. Equally sexy, all in their own way, each scene featured a different couple with a different style. From kissing to fisting to strapping it on, Zooey was delighted the whole way through!….

One Night Stand is the porn for you if you like your lesbians real, your fucking diverse, your pussies wet and your tranny boys hung.”

Check out One Night Stand.