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Women’s Pleasure?

Friday, November 15th, 2013

One Night Stand

Does it shock you that in 2013 a new study shows that women in hook-ups or one-night stands fare worse when it comes to sexual satisfaction? Fully sixty percent—60%–of women in short-term hookups do not have orgasms.

Men are doing just fine. The sexually satisfied hookup men count for 80% of the total. “After his own orgasm…he showed no interest in her satisfaction,” noted the article, “In Hookups, Inequality Still Reigns.”

We wonder if lesbians are in the same situation. Are 60% of lesbians unsatisfied at the close of a hookup or one-nighter? Somehow we doubt it.

Is it even desirable to forego pleasure to ensure that your partner gets off?

Confession: many times one or the other of us would give the other pleasure—multiple gushing ecstatic orgasms—and just call it quits. Another time. Tomorrow.

But the study mentions that issue too: there is no “next time” and therefore maybe the responsibility falls flat. You didn’t get off? Oh, well.

One Night Stand

Women deserve pleasure. They deserve to be pleased. Our life’s work has been dedicated to the pleasure and pleasuring of women.

Maybe women need a little porn and play toys…a nice juicy dildo…to get some satisfaction on their own. Our fave is the sexiest dyke movie “One Night Stand.”

Till next time, happy Thanksgiving, happy Hanukkah.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

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Celebration and Letdown

Friday, November 5th, 2010

What a week. First we were absolutely thrilled to see the San Francisco Giants win the World Series over the Texas Rangers. And the parade on Wednesday! That feeling of elation everywhere.

The San Jose Mercury News called it “a party for the ages.” We couldn’t agree more.

Did the parade take the edge off Election Day results this week? Perhaps.

President Obama’s picture on the front page of yesterday’s New York Times was rather shocking, his “shellacking” notwithstanding.

We recommend an article by Timothy Egan, also published in the Times’ Web site, “How Obama Saved Capitalism and Lost the Midterms.” 

Snip: “For no matter your view of President Obama, he effectively saved capitalism. And for that, he paid a terrible political price.”

On a completely other note, we received an e-mail from a reader who asked about Suzy Suburbanite. We’ve linked to Suzy’s main site for a long time and didn’t realize she hadn’t been too active. We found “Suzy’s Travel Blog” but there hasn’t been a posting for years. Hmm.

Anybody know where Suzy has gone? Is she okay? Let us know, and we’ll update you next time.

Facebook Invite Redux

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Just when we put out a real invitation to “become a fan” of Fatale Media on Facebook, Facebook changed its language.

So now we invite you to like us at Facebook.

Please, like us.

If you’ve heard about Facebook’s new “instant personalization” program and have any privacy concerns, here is a link to an article worth reading:

“How to Opt Out of Facebook’s Instant Personalization,” The New York Times, April 23, 2010:

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