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Real Sex Is Coming Your Way—Again!

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

HBO’s “Real Sex” is a groundbreaking documentary series conceived by Sheila Nevins that explored human sexuality in a way that hadn’t been seen on TV before.

In anticipation of the next episode of “Sex//Now,” scheduled to begin running on May 1, 2014, HBO has been airing the “Real Sex” series.

Called “the 60 Minutes of sex,” the “Real Sex” series, which ran for nearly 20 years, is still a favorite, with episodes starring many of our favorite people, including Sondra Goodwin, Carol Queen and Annie Sprinkle.

Real Sex HBO

Get the whole “Real Sex” schedule—HBO TV, On Demand and HBO Go—here.

Watch the “Sex//Now” HBO trailer on YouTube #NSFW.

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