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A Fabulous Show We Recommend

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Susie Bright

Susie Bright is one of the smartest people we know, and one of the smartest sex people we know. She was the editor of On Our Backs for many years, working with Nan and Deborah as the magazine’s editor. You can read Susie’s OOB story (and see some good pictures), with links to more stories, at Susie’s blog.

You find most everything, including links to Susie’s books and her weekly podcast, “In Bed with Susie Bright,” from Susie Bright’s Journal.

Susie was recently on Sex Out Loud Radio with Tristan Taormino. Sex Out Loud, like its host Tristan, is smart, funny and always insightful. We highly recommend a listen (it’s free)…especially the part about the OOB and Fatale work at Cornell, and catch her vivid description of a certain sexy scene in one of Fatale’s videos…

Listen now.

Curious which video they’re talking about? See it here!



Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Are you ready for some #SmartSmut? This year’s Feminist Porn Awards ceremony, the 9th Annual, is ready to rock and roll your ideas of what porn is. Sponsored by the sex shop Good for Her, the event takes place on Friday, April 4th, at the Castlefield Event Theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto.

It’s not too late to score tickets and rub shoulders with your favorite porn stars.

The Feminist Porn Conference, organized by Tristan Taormino, is held at the University of Toronto, April 5-6, 2014. This is a knock  ’em out conference where sex meets ideas, and some of the smartest people in the industry talk, laugh and share their vision for the future.

Courtney Trouble

Courtney Trouble is giving the closing keynote, too. If you don’t know Courtney’s wide range of work, we recommend you start with recent films of hers, the award-winning Lesbian Curves and Hard Femme.

Check out last year’s FPCon weekend roundup, “Moments from FPCon,” a review of the conference and  more from the Feminist Porn Awards, when Nan was honored with the Trailblazer Award.

We’ll be there in spirit, hashtagging #FPCon2 and #SmartSmut!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. See all Fatale’s lesbian titles, what calls “the best lesbian porn.”

See all Fatale’s videos.

Toronto Porn Weekend

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Tristan Taormino, Shar Rednour and Nan Kinney at #FPCon

We’ve been traveling the last couple of weeks, off to Toronto for the first annual Feminist Porn Conference, where Nan and Shar Rednour gave a great presentation on lesbian porn from the 1960s – 2000s, “Lesbo Retro: A Dyke Porn Retrospective.”

But best of all, Nan received the Trailblazer Award at the Feminist Porn Awards on Friday night!

We’ve posted some pictures and will post more.

For our friends who weren’t there or couldn’t make it this year, here are some completely subjective notes, and links to more resources. Don’t miss the piece in the Daily Beast.

The 8th annual Feminist Porn Awards were held on Friday night, April 5, 2013, at the Capitol Events Theatre in Toronto. Good for Her, the sponsors, put on a stellar show. There were performances by Coco La Crème, Lena Love and Axel Blows & Mahogany Storm. Friends from near and far were all in attendance, including Courtney Trouble, whose Lesbian Curves won Hottest Dyke Film.

The FPA Trailblazer Award given to Nan was a complete surprise! Shar Rednour presented it, and you should have seen the smile on Nan’s face!

To see the entire list of award-winners, check out Good for Her. Kudos to Good for Her diva Carlyle Jansen for a spectacular party.

For an excellent overview of the Toronto weekend, don’t miss the Daily Beast article by one of our favorite people, Rachel Kramer Bussel (, “Organic, Fair Trade Porn: On the Hunt for Ethical Smut.”

For the weekend told in Tweets, check out Storify, a compilation by Tristan Taormino of #FPCon tweets that really does express the excitement of the weekend!

You know where we’ll be next year for the 2nd annual FPCon for sure!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. Come visit the Toronto Porn Weekend 2013 Pinterest board to see more photos!

Feminist Porn Conference 2013 Review

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

The first annual Feminist Porn Conference, masterminded by Tristan Taormino, took place at the University of Toronto on April 6, 2013. We were thrilled to be there, amid the hundreds of attendees and presenters academic and porno alike.

Nan Kinney and Shar Rednour at Lesbo Retro #FPCon

Nan Kinney and Shar Rednour were a hit with the presentation of “Lesbo Retro: A Dyke Porn Retrospective.”

Here is the press release Tristan issued about the conference…what a wealth of talent and intelligence in one place! Sexy, fun-loving, interesting people!

The 1st Annual Feminist Porn Conference Draws Hundreds to University of Toronto

TORONTO (April 8, 2013)—The First Annual Feminist Porn Conference was held at the University of Toronto on April 6, 2013 and drew nearly 250 attendees. This one-day conference brought together academics, cultural critics, performers, directors, producers, sex workers, activists, students, and fans to explore the emergence of feminist porn as a genre, industry, field of study, and movement. The event, the first ever conference devoted exclusively to feminist pornography, featured 45 different presenters from around the world.

Presenters included leading professors whose work spans multiple disciplines from history, sociology, film and media studies to comparative literature, sexuality studies, and feminist studies, including Kevin Heffernan from Southern Methodist University, Lynn Comella of University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Ariane Cruz of Pennsylvania State University, Jill Bakehorn of UC Davis and UC Berkeley, Nicholas Matte of University Toronto, Emily Nagoski from Smith College, and York University’s Bobby Noble as well as scholars from CUNY, UCLA, Northwestern, and Ohio University.

Several panels featured some of the most well-known producers and performers working in feminist porn today, including Jiz Lee, Courtney Trouble, Madison Young, Sinnamon Love, Dylan Ryan, April Flores, Carlos Batts, Loree Erickson, James Darling, Carrie Gray, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Tina Horn, Arabelle Raphael, Quinn Cassidy, Jes Sachse, and Bianca Stone.

The international conference drew presenters from around the world, including Liesbet Zikkenheimer and Marije Janssen from Dusk TV, an erotic TV channel for women in the Netherlands, and Australian webmistress and director Ms. Naughty of Carol Queen, PhD, co-founder of the Center for Sex and Culture and Good Vibrations’ sexologist, spoke on two panels: “Conspicuous Consumption: If We Sell It, They Will Come,” about the connection between feminist porn and sex-positive retail stores and “Feminist Perspectives on Sexual Identity and Sexual Health in Educational and Feminist Porn.”

Award-winning filmmaker Shine Louise Houston of Pink and White Productions screened her documentary Shiny Jewels to a huge crowd.

A screening of Lesbo Retro: A Dyke Porn Retrospective, a clip show of lesbian porn from 1960-2000, was followed by a question and answer session with its curator, Shar Rednour and special guest Nan Kinney, co-founder of On Our Backs and Fatale Media and recipient of the 2013 Trailblazer Award at The 8th Annual The Feminist Porn Awards on April 5.

The keynote was delivered by feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino and Professors Constance Penley and Mireille Miller-Young (both from University of California-Santa Barbara). As three of the four co-editors of The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure, recently published by The Feminist Press at CUNY, they discussed how feminist porn has shifted sexual representation and pondered what the future holds for feminist porn.

“The goal of our book was to put academics and sex industry workers into conversation with one another to discuss critical issues about feminism, sexual media, representation, sexual agency, and labor. This conference took those conversations to the next level,” said Mireille Miller-Young.

“We hope it mobilizes academics and sex industry workers to create coalitions to support each other’s work,” said Constance Penley.

“The event exceeded my expectations,” said Tristan Taormino, who produced the conference. “I was inspired by the diversity of voices from professors and students to performers and fans. The enthusiasm for dialogue about feminist porn issues was overwhelming, and I am already planning next year’s conference.”

The Feminist Porn Conference was sponsored by the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, Good for Her, The Feminist Porn Awards and The Feminist Press.


April Buzz – FPCon

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

We are already on our way to Toronto for the much-anticipated April 6th, 2013 Feminist Porn Conference.

Organized by Tristan Taormino, the conference is an “official event” of the heralded Feminist Porn Awards, which are sponsored by the fabulous Toronto sex-positive shop Good for Her.

Shar Rednour and Nan Kinney

Lesbo Retro: A Dyke Porn Retrospective” is a presentation and Q&A with groundbreaking lesbian pornographers Nan Kinney of Fatale Media and Shar Rednour of S.I.R. Video Productions.

Join Nan and Shar for this special presentation including a show of the most fabulous porn classic lesbian DVDs!

You can follow the action on Twitter at #FPCon. Follow us on Twitter @FataleMedia.

We promise to take lots of pictures, too, and post them on Fatale’s Facebook page.

We hope to see you in Toronto!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. If you missed Nan on “Sex Out Loud” radio with Tristan Taormino, you can hear the full interview (it was a good one) in one of two ways:

Listen to the show live on VoiceAmerica.

Or if you want to download it as an mp3, you can do that here:


Did you miss Nan?

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Happy Women’s History Month!

Nan KinneyDid you miss Nan last week? She was on with Tristan Taormino last Friday night, on SexOutLoudRadio, which airs every Friday evening. It’s a smart radio show, and we highly recommend it.

The interview with Nan was a smashing success, thanks in part to Tristan’s intelligent questions, and questions from Susie Bright.

Two tidbits from the interview:
“I think everybody should do a porn movie at least once in their lives.”

“So basically Deborah took her aside and gave her some instructions [on how to masturbate].”

You can listen to Nan’s half-hour interview here:

If you prefer, download the MP3 here:

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

Lesbian CurvesP.S. Curious about Courtney Trouble’s new video? See pictures and watch the trailer for Lesbian Curves!

P.P.S. Buy 3 DVDs and get free fast shipping. All orders ship within 24 hours, or one business day. See all Fatale’s sexy porn movies.

Tune In – Fatale in the Media

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Nan KinneyWe’ve got lots of good news, and opportunities for you to see and hear Nan Kinney in person and on the radio!

Mark your calendars!



Friday, March 8, 2013
Tristan Taormino“Sex Out Loud” Radio with Tristan Taormino
5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST
Join Nan and Tristan for a rollicking good time on “Sex Out Loud Radio.” Callers welcome!

“Sex Out Loud” with Tristan Taormino on the VoiceAmerica Network
Listen Live: Facebook:,
Twitter: @SexOutLoudRadio, @TristanTaormino, @FataleMedia
Call in number for listeners: 866-472-5788

There are several ways to listen: live, phone app, podcast, etc. All the details are at

Saturday, April 6, 2013
The Feminist Porn Conference
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Shar RednourLesbo Retro: A Dyke Porn Retrospective” and Q&A with groundbreaking lesbian pornographers Nan Kinney of Fatale Media and Shar Rednour of S.I.R. Video Productions

Join Nan and Shar for this special presentation including a show of the most fabulous classic lesbian porn DVDs!

Details: Conference program:

Registration (with sliding-scale and student rates):

More about the beautiful Shar Rednour:

This is a star-studded conference. We hope to see you in Toronto in April.

Stay tuned for more!

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. Check out the new Courtney Trouble flick, Lesbian Curves. Ooh-la-la!