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Sex Tips: Where’s My Pole???

Friday, August 14th, 2009

by Shar Rednour
I remember Fanny Fatale doing “Stripping for Your Lover” classes back before every reality star on Earth was installing a pole in her living room. I was at my son’s preschool the other day and all the straight moms were discussing which pole-dancing class to take! They were actually embarrassed that the new mom on the block (me) overheard them. Hilarious.

Dancing to entice your prey is so sexy. My favorite part of One Night Stand is the beginning when they are dancing at the club and end up in a hot bathroom make-out. I love it.

In Hard Love we have a femme Renee stripping for a butch and–I think the first ever butch (Devon) to strip on screen. You can easily watch her moves for tips on how to do this at home. She is not perfect–I actually taught her in the moment on set. And that is a good learning tool.

The pros make it look easy, then you try it and fall down getting off your panties!

Tip 1: Don’t wear panties. Joking. Lie down on your back and stretch your legs above your head to take off your panties. Butches or masculine folks: have your babe or boi pull down your briefs for you to find a big surprise waiting!Finger Sucking JPG_opt

I find the anticipation of sex one of the best ways to get yourself eaten alive.

Tip 2: When doing a striptease, judge your audience. Is your lover (or lovers) going to be able to sit there and wait until the show is over with? Try tying her up to a kitchen chair (with no arms) with your bathrobe sash if think she is going to scoop you up and carrying you off to bed before the show is over with. Did you see how Renee and Devon ravaged each other after the heat factor went up from the stripping?

glove fisting JPG_optI KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING–what’s so bad about being dragged off to bed before the tease is done? Or better yet thrown right down and fucked silly right there on the floor? Well, it is better. If you make them wait, and squirm, and salivate, and make their fists open and close, fingers and cocks rising waiting. Trust me. It’s better.

Tip 3: For those wearing combat boots or any boots: Untie or loosen your laces before you get started. Our PA loved loosening Johnny Fremont’s (Devon’s) laces. I had to slap her to get her out of the shot.

Tip 4: Front-closure bras. That does help.

Tip 5: Zippers not buttons. Whether it’s a long zipper down your back that you need help with or a dykedick hiding under Levi’s fly.

Note: intermediates and pros can handle some buttons of course. Just practice. When there’s no time, grab the clothes with zippers. And if they stick–be prepared to lose the dress forever because you’ll want to just rip it off!

Bonus Tip: You don’t need a pole to strip for your lover.


hard_love_dvdShar Rednour is the femme diva who runs S.I.R. Video with her partner, Jackie Strano. She is also the director of Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels, Sugar High Glitter City and many other sexy DVDs.

Ask Fanny: Very Multiorgasmic

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Deborah Sundahl - Female Ejaculation ExpertG-spot expert Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the g-spot. You may send your questions to askfanny at; please put FE Q&A in the subject line.

Dear Fanny,
I am one of those women who have been traumatized by the fact that I ejaculate when I climax. I am very multiorgasmic (as long as the man can hold out, I can continue climaxing) and by the time a lovemaking session ends, the whole bed is soaked!

At first I thought it might have been incontinence, yet the sensation was different than that of urination, and the liquid was totally clear and practically – if not completely – odorless.

As time went on, the experience became uncontrollable, more intense and much messier. I have gone to several doctors and once they get over their dismay, they tell me there is nothing to do about it and to just enjoy it.

Problem is, I am presently single, and I don’t know how or when to approach the subject with a man. I am embarrassed to be too candid up front, yet I would be even more mortified if they were turned off by sharing the experience or, worst yet, if they actually thought the liquid was as a result of incontinence.

Do you have any suggestions on how to approach the subject? I would love to once again be intimate with a man, but I let my fear of rejection hold me back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Los Angeles, CA

Dear Cee,
Since you obviously have female ejaculation and multiple orgasms working in your sex life, it seems odd that you are not that free when it comes to telling your potential partners about your wonderful ability to be so orgasmic and free-flowing!

When you find a partner you want to have sex with, it is always a good idea to tell him upfront that you ejaculate. The best way to open up the topic with partners is to ask them if they have heard of female ejaculation. If they have not, then you need to tell them that is what you do and then see their reaction. If it is anything less than curious and somewhat enthusiastic, don’t go out with them again.

My guess is that you have had partners in the past who do not appreciate or express themselves sexually in the sophisticated and open way that you do. And that in fact they have put you down for it. I believe this is the problem, not what to say to a potential sex partner.

A woman just came to my workshop who learned to ejaculate for the first time. She went back to her new partner, who didn’t know about female ejaculation, and she did not ejaculate. This is not surprising to me.

Do not be afraid or ashamed of your wonderful way you express yourself sexually. If your partner cannot meet you with this, find another. Do not waste your precious sexual life force on someone who will denigrate it by withdrawing, ignoring or withholding interest and sexual partnership.

Good luck!


Female Ejaculation for Couples


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Ask Fanny: Excessive

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Deborah Sundahl - Female Ejaculation ExpertG-spot expert Deborah Sundahl, a.k.a. Fanny Fatale, answers your questions about female ejaculation and the g-spot.

Hi Fanny,
I started ejaculating about a year ago, but only while I was masturbating, and then it was about an ounce of odorless clear liquid, always from clitoral stimulation.

Now, my girlfriend and I have been together for almost two months, and I am having prolonged, intense orgasms accompanied by, literally, cups of ejaculate fluid. I would say four ounces per ejaculation, and I can do it as many times as she stimulates me. It could probably be up to twenty ounces or more per session.

It’s great that it’s so intense, and I feel kind of lucky, but also pretty embarrassed when we’re in the middle of getting it on and suddenly, we’re in a lake. She’s not grossed out at all by this and is really, really supportive. It was hot at first, but it’s getting kind of ridiculous. Now, almost any kind of stimulation from her gets me wet and makes me come, hard. I’m starting to wonder if this is highly unusual or unhealthy in some way.

I could really use any kind of advice in how to minimize ejaculation (and hold onto the orgasms if possible) without having to invest in a kiddie pool. If not, are there products out there to control the level of messiness involved?

Betsy Wetsy

Dear Betsy,
Once some women learn how to ejaculate, it is a shock for them at how much, and how easily, the ejaculate can flow out! The fact that you used the words “embarrassed” and “supportive” suggests to me that you are still not quite comfortable with your ability to ejaculate, and/or sharing it with another. I suspect that this is the underlying reason why you are concerned with the amount, or if you are hurting your health in some way.

There is nothing wrong at all with feeling a bit shy about being able to ejaculate so profusely, as you are doing with your new honey. More than that, I suspect you are ejaculating so much because of your new relationship! Many women ejaculate easily with someone new whom they really feel comfortable with and who they really like a lot. The reverse is true as well; women who are not that happy in their relationship sometimes stop ejaculating for a while, or do a less amount.

It is not easy to express your gushing self so easily in front of someone new, and so please give yourself a pat on the back for allowing it and not clamping down on everything!

So, you have things to celebrate, girl! A full and flowing ability to ejaculate, and a wonderful new love in your life! You can learn to control your ejaculate a little bit, but I really don’t recommend that for you at this stage. You have just learned to open the floodgates, and it appears to have brought you a wonderful lover. So, just enjoy for now…let nature take its course, as it most assuredly will.

Meanwhile, the best and only thing I can suggest for the bed is the wonderful, plush throw by Liberator. Please check it out through my site.

But most of all, get out of the bed, grrrl! Spring is here, go out to the garden and water the plants! Do it in the shower, on the tile floor! Let it rip. Love your Wild Woman Self! Be a “Woman Who Runs with the Water”!



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