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Butches We Love

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The past week suddenly found us in a convergence of butches that was utterly fun and, for Christi, utterly glorious.

An e-mail came through saying, “Butch Sightings (@butchsightings) is now following you on Twitter.” Logging in to Twitter @FataleMedia, we returned the follow and proceeded to Whoa! Nice blog.

Started as an “social interactive art project” and written by a “fat queer sort-of Jewish white femme from the West Coast,” Butch Sightings was inspired by “butches & studs (females and/or women who appear masculine, queer, old school, dyke, bulldagger, aggressive [AG] and other terms to be added.”

The photos are great, and we hope one day this photographin’ femme comes to take a picture of Nan!

Nan Kinney and Kim Airs on the Big VibeHere’s a picture from last Saturday of Nan on the Big Vibe—with Big Vibe owner Kim Airs of Grand Opening playing the instigator. After this we headed to the beach, Paradise Cove in Malibu…heaven in springtime.

When We Were Outlaws by Jeanne CordovaSaturday evening found us at the beautiful home of Jeanne Cordova and Lynn H. Ballen in Los Angeles. It had been many years since Christi had seen them, and the first time Nan had met them. Jeanne is the author of the critically acclaimed When We Were Outlaws (Spinsters Ink, 2011), which we quite enjoyed. Here are some reviews of the book at Jeanne’s blog, This Lesbian Life.

It was a lovely weekend in Los Angeles. Next time we’ll plan a visit to Oakland to visit another exquisite butch, our friend Jackie Strano.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

Hard Love Starring Jackie StranoP.S. Jackie Strano is the star, with director and femme extraordinaire Shar Rednour, of  the sexy lesbian DVD Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels.

For the second month in a row, Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels–it’s a double DVD–has been Fatale’s #1 bestseller.


Fatale Recommends: The Scavenger

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Katrina Fox is the amazing editor-in-chief of the online magazine The Scavenger. Each month, she cooks up a brew of articles—about sexual health, sexual life, social justice, the media, feminism and pop culture, “gender diversity” and much, much more. We admire Katrina’s tireless devotion to The Scavenger, a damned good monthly read.

Here are some offerings from the November issue, and just so you know, the monthly issues tend to arrive mid-month:

In defence of stripping and sex work,” an interview with Zahra Stardust by Katrina Fox

Addressing racism and classism in animal rights activism” by Stephanie Lai

Am I genderqueer?” by Tiara the Merchgirl

Snip from this last piece: “My question(s) stem from this: I don’t feel like I can neatly relate to masculinity or femininity (and also butch or femme) as contemporary Western culture, or even Malaysian/Bengali culture, defines them.”

Food for thought and worth reading.

#   #   #

Full Load queer DVDSpeaking of which, one of the first genderqueer titles Fatale put out was Full Load: Scenes from

We called it an “FTM and lesbian sex video.” It is still one of the best for its explicit views of genderqueers, thanks to the superb camerawork of Barbara DeGenevieve.

Skirts and Strapons

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

An old friend and customer wrote to us lately asking for statistics on strapons.

He wants to know how many butches are out there really—he calls butches “manly women,” but he may well mean exactly that, straight women who wear a suit and tie. We don’t know of too many straight women who go in men’s clothes. Been a while since Marlene Dietrich did her thing.

He also wants to know how many older women are out trolling for younger men. And how many women who wear strapons like to stroke their strapons.

For all these questions, we have no answers, not being sociologists or even sexologists but rather pornographers.

Here’s our favorite question:
“Are skirts still popular, or are they going out of style? They seem old-fashioned to me. I would prefer to a woman in a pantsuit any day.”

For this we must ask a femme…or a drag queen. And the answer is resoundingly no! Skirts are not going out of style.

Hard Love and How to Fuck in High HeelsThe most popular butch/femme DVD we carry is Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels by the gorgeous femme Shar Rednour and her handsome lover Jackie Strano.

Anybody check out Fashion Week last month? “Calf-grazing skirts.”

Lady Gaga in her Muppet SkirtOf course, don’t tell Lady Gaga.

Or her Muppet skirt.

If you have answers or commentary, please let it all out! Click the Comments button here.

We want to know what you think, too.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

“Butch Fatale”

Monday, March 16th, 2009

We read with interest Daphne Merkin’s “Butch Fatale” piece about Rachel Maddow in the New York Times Women’s Fashion Spring 2009 magazine a couple weeks ago.

It gave us a chuckle to think of Rachel Maddow as “fatale” anything, because she’s clearly a good-looking, sexy butch who whets our news whistle each evening on MSBNC.


Then we stumbled upon Jen Sabella’s rebuttal on AfterEllen: “The New York Times Tackles ‘Butch Fatale.’” It’s an excellent essay, and we commend Sabella’s skewering wit and astute commentary.

We were uneasy too when we read “Butch Fatale.” As a proud butch/femme couple, we found it rather odd to see “lipstick lesbians” equated with femmes, the femmes in question barely acknowledged. According to Merkin, there are only two “Sapphic archetypes” and “both categories (butch and femme)” derive from “gender-influenced dichotomies of beauty.”

Give us a break.

Sabella also pulled out this zinger: “In one of [Daphne Merkin’s] books, Dreaming of Hitler, she says that even lesbians ‘wish to be filled with something hard and penislike and not-female.’” 

Our favorite comment came from Jenna DQ, and with her permission we’re quoting her comment nearly in full:

“I might get eaten alive for this, but, yeah, obviously there are plenty of lesbians who enjoy penetration. Even straight men like penetration (those who’ll admit it anyway). What vagina wig is missing here is the same thing stupid people (excuse the gross generalization) miss all the time. It’s not strictly a genital thing. Half of sex occurs in the mind! So ask a lesbian who enjoys penetration if there’s a difference between being f*ed by a man or a woman…Ask a gay top if there’s a difference between f*ing a woman’s butt or a man’s…Ask a straight man if there’s a difference between getting a beej from a man or a woman! You are making love to a sexuality, not a genital.

“Come on. Get with it…not to mention that there are plenty of women who do not enjoy penetration, so where does her generalizing, dismissive statement fit them in?”

We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks, Jenna!

We recommend reading this intelligent article and equally intelligent comments at AfterEllen.

Yours in good love and sex,

Nan & Christi

P.S. To see Fatale’s latest DVD with lesbians who like penetration, check out One Night Stand. For guys who like it, Bend Over Boyfriend is the sex-ed gold standard.