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In Memoriam: Barbara DeGenevieve

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Barbara DeGenevieveWe were lucky enough to have met Barbara DeGenevieve just over 10 years ago. She sent Nan a note about a new project she was working on called, and she had some lesbian porn she wanted to show us.

Thus was born Full Load: Scenes from, which Barbara directed and for which Nan served as executive producer. Greta Christina wrote, “This is a tasty video…butch and FTM fans, load up.”

As relevant today as it was then, Full Load showed explicit lesbian and trans sex. Nan says, “Barbara was one of the first people to really explore lesbian, queer, FTM and trans sex in a porn context.”

She served as chair of the photography department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a visual artist, she received two National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowships, among other awards and honors.

Out of her Chicago home base, Barbara also served as a mentor to the talented Carolyn Caizzi (Turn Me Up Over and On, Coming Home, Special Delivery) and Stacy Goldate (as Edith Edit, directing Dominatrix Waitrix), each of whom has her own porn style and eye for style.

We had the pleasure of meeting Barbara in person in Santa Fe a few years ago. What fun!

It was with great sadness we learned of her death earlier this week from cervical cancer.

We credit Barbara with bringing a “Chicago porn” style to lesbian and feminist porn. Her influence can be seen in her sense of humor, which is present in nearly everything she touched and created.


Fatale Recommends: The Scavenger

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Katrina Fox is the amazing editor-in-chief of the online magazine The Scavenger. Each month, she cooks up a brew of articles—about sexual health, sexual life, social justice, the media, feminism and pop culture, “gender diversity” and much, much more. We admire Katrina’s tireless devotion to The Scavenger, a damned good monthly read.

Here are some offerings from the November issue, and just so you know, the monthly issues tend to arrive mid-month:

In defence of stripping and sex work,” an interview with Zahra Stardust by Katrina Fox

Addressing racism and classism in animal rights activism” by Stephanie Lai

Am I genderqueer?” by Tiara the Merchgirl

Snip from this last piece: “My question(s) stem from this: I don’t feel like I can neatly relate to masculinity or femininity (and also butch or femme) as contemporary Western culture, or even Malaysian/Bengali culture, defines them.”

Food for thought and worth reading.

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Full Load queer DVDSpeaking of which, one of the first genderqueer titles Fatale put out was Full Load: Scenes from

We called it an “FTM and lesbian sex video.” It is still one of the best for its explicit views of genderqueers, thanks to the superb camerawork of Barbara DeGenevieve.

Tales of a Former Phone Sex Queen Part 2

Monday, August 16th, 2010

by Marlayna Dawson

If you missed, read Part 1 of Marlayna Dawson’s “Tales of a Former Phone Sex Queen” here at Fatale’s blog.

The Voyeur
Barry was 32 and a happily married father of two. He told me his wife was a gorgeous, open-minded redhead, and they had a great sex life – yet he called me at least once a week and pretended I was his childhood sweetheart – with a 21st-century twist.

He was one of a certain type of caller who’d feed me every detail of his story on the first call, and wouldn’t allow any deviation. These guys were like little kids who want the same fairytale read to them every night at bedtime – the familiarity comforted them like a cup of warm cocoa.

My name in the story was Jan, and I’d known Barry since we were four years old, when we played doctor. His was the first penis I ever saw, and mine was his first pussy. We went all the way as teenagers, but only once. The twist in the plot was this: Jan, or me, was now a lesbian, and I told Barry all about my affairs with women. He told me about his sex life, too. Basically, we were jack-off buddies. It was a voyeur-exhibitionist thing, but as I said, with a twist.

“Last week,” I whispered into the phone, “I picked up this little blonde in the women’s bar. She’d only been with chicks a couple of times, but she’d got the taste of pussy and couldn’t control herself. I think she hangs out waiting for an older gal like me to overtake her.

Well, Barry, you know me: I didn’t disappoint her. I took that sweet babe home and spread her out on my big comfy bed and ate her till she creamed on my face. Then I strapped on a dildo and fucked the living daylights out of her. When she left she could hardly walk.”

I suppressed a giggle – the story Barry made me tell was so-o-o-o corny.

I could always tell by Barry’s breathing and silence when I had him where I wanted him, in a drooling sex trance. Then I switched tracks, teasing him with stuff like, “You’d really love to fuck me again, wouldn’t you?” or “Too bad I don’t like to suck dick anymore.”

Barry gave it right back to me. “Yeah, well, you should’ve seen Nancy suck my dick last night, better than you ever did. She got down on her knees in front of the mirror, slurping till I came in her mouth. You never used to let me come in your mouth. I bet you miss it now, you dyke slut.”

We’d laugh like crazy talking this way, masturbate, and Barry always came – once in a while I did too, but most of the time I faked it to help him along.

Barry’s wife had no idea he called a phone sex service – but she did know he was a sucker for woman-to-woman sex, and sometimes they watched lesbian videos together. Whenever I came across a good one, I’d tell him about it. I used to find this part of our “relationship” exciting – sometimes I’d fantasize about Barry and Nancy watching lesbian videos, or Barry secretly thinking about “Jan” when they had sex. It was all just good dirty fun!

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Marlayna Dawson lives in California. Read part 1 of her “Tales of a Former Phone Sex Queen.”

To see a video about dirty talk, check out Talk to Me Baby by S.I.R. Video diva Shar Rednour.

To see a good lesbian video that would be good for straight couples, check out One Night Stand, winner of “Sexiest Dyke Movie” from the Feminist Porn Awards.